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Hey everyone! I'm Sam, I own a small hand-made soap business located on Cone Hill Farm near Raglan, New Zealand, and this is my story

Well, it's not a huge story as I haven't been making soap for that long, however, I can tell you how I got into soap making and a bit about my background.

I originally came from Timaru, South Canterbury and have recently moved to the Waikato to be with my partner Jack on his family farm near Raglan. I have always enjoyed the outdoors, farm life and science, therefore, after high school I studied at Lincoln University and gained a Bachelor of Agricultural Science. I then went on to work in the horticulture industry growing a large number of onions for Europe and Asia.

I became aware of cold process soap making through my Mum who loved hand-made soap that not only looked amazing but smelled even better. Mum jokingly said one day that with my science background I could make her soap, initially, I had no idea how soap was made and always presumed that it was made in a factory or laboratory. I then fell down the rabbit warren of soap-making videos! I must warn you if you start watching these you WILL not stop and will probably end up having a go yourself! Anyway in no time I was purchasing an insane amount of different oils and getting some very odd looks at the supermarket while doing so and I was hooked. I started out making a soap for friends and family which quickly turned into friends of friends purchasing my soap! At the start I couldn't keep enough stock on the shelves, I have since had to make bigger moulds, buy larger amounts of ingredients and streamline my process to be more efficient. 

I hope you enjoy my soap,

Thanks Sam 

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